What’s in an Hour?

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Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.03.38 PM

23 minutes out of 60 spent actually doing work.  In other words, 37 minutes out of the 60 during which I was supposedly working were wasted doing anything but.

Maybe I’m just easily distracted.  Maybe I need more discipline. Or maybe I am going about the work I have to do in exactly the wrong way.  Starting with the phrase, “have to do.”  Synonymous with the phrase, “should be doing.”  Exact opposite of the phrase, “want to be doing.”

We are naturally going to enjoy some subjects more than others. Or maybe enjoy playing a sport or practicing an instrument or making art more than any subject in school.  And that’s okay.  The problems only begin to arise when we spend the vast majority of our time on what others tell us we are supposed to be doing – on what we are expected to be doing – and are forced to sacrifice our interests and passions as a result.

1 Hour

Maybe the issue is not that we have too much homework, but that we have too little motivation with which to do it.  Maybe the real problem is not that we have too little time, but that because we are so burnt out from our attempt to always do the right thing, we subconsciously spend much of the time we do have trying to escape.

All I know is that when I start my afternoons by interviewing someone for my documentary or writing or getting coffee with a friend, I no longer feel as compelled to do my Spanish homework while simultaneously watching Friends or respond to texts between every math problem.  And that when I decide I have too much I have to do to be able to rationalize “wasting time” doing what I love, my hours end up looking a lot like the one above.


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