More Than a Number

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Number a sheet of lined paper from 1-25 and move your desks away from each other.  You may begin.

  1. Grade on last math test: ________
  2. Number of likes on your current profile picture: ________
  3. SAT/ACT score: ________
  4. Average number of Snapchats received per day: ________
  5. Number of A’s on last report card: ________
  6. Number of clubs you’re technically a part of but don’t do anything for: ________
  7. Number of AT/AP classes taken over the duration of high school: ________
  8. GPA: ________
  9. Grade on last English essay: ________
  10. Number of community service hours: ________
  11. Number of Twitter followers: ________
  12. CommonApp essay word count: ________
  13. Number of hours studied for last test: ________
  14. Number of schools you’re applying to ________
  15. Number of times you’ve been to your dean’s office over the past 2 months: ________
  16. Number of Brinkley pages read: ________
  17. Average number of college emails received per day: ________
  18. Number of people you refer to as “close” friends: ________
  19. Number of activities you do that you don’t actually enjoy: ________
  20. Average number of times per month you check Naviance: ________
  21. Number of relationships you’ve been in: ________
  22. Number of teachers you talk to outside of class: ________
  23. Number of honors beginning with the ninth grade or international equivalent:  ________
  24. US News & World Report ranking of your ED school: ________
  25. Number of panic attacks you’ve had: ________

Now add it up.  Turn to your neighbor and ask them what they got.   Wondering what this number means?

Well, it’s how smart you are.  How important you are.  How well-liked you are.  How well-known you are.  How well-rounded you are.  How impressive you are.  How much your teachers respect you.  How proud your parents are of you.  How successful you are and are going to be at life.

This is you.

Isn’t it?


One thought on “More Than a Number

    Claudia said:
    October 24, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    ❤ ❤ yes.


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