Second Quarter is the New Second Semester

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Just write it.   But I don’t want to.  But you should.  But I don’t want to.  Fair. That’s fair.  It is, isn’t it?  But Rachel, you chose to do an independent study.  You want to be a writer.  You like to write.  But I have my whole life to write.  What’s stopping you from thinking that your entire life?  If you keep this attitude up, you’re going to be lying in some hospital somewhere with an IV stuck in your arm and you’re going to realize that you have no life left to write with.  Well that’s a little extreme.  Drama Queen much?  You know you’re just being lazy.  But I’m tired.  And I have tests to study for.  And homework to do.  And essays to write that actually count.  But you’re not going to study for your tests.  Or do your homework.  Or write your essays.  You’re going to go watch Friends.  And while it’s loading, you’re going to Facebook stalk that sophomore who had that Sweet 16 this weekend.  Fair.  That’s a really fair point.  Thank you.  But it’s not like anyone actually reads this.  Yes, they do.  Let’s be honest, the only people who read my posts are the three people who help me write them…and Mr. Mounkhall.  But he doesn’t really count.   Haven’t you not done a post in over a week?  That’s not true, shut up…. Maybe.  Still, shut up.  You should write something creative.  And fun.  Your last posts have been kind of sad.  True…. Maybe I can make this the post for today?  Seriously?  Yeah.  Alright.  I’m fine with that.  I guess it could be kind of funny.  And I really want to watch Friends.  And I really don’t feel like writing this.  And I really want to know those 27 Painfully Awkward Things That Never Stop Being AwkwardSo this was productive?  I think so.  For being the angel in this situation, you’re pretty lazy.  I’m a Second Semester Senior, so shut up.  No you’re not….  Well then.  This is awkward.   I’m basically there, though,…in my mind, at least.  You’re a really bad angel.…  I, like, could really care less.  You’re a really, really bad angel.  Whatever. 


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