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To Get Into College

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For every college you might apply, sign up for newspaper emails; if admissions has a blog or website, sign up for updates; email a professor who might be interested in the documentary you’re making; if you have questions that are really not anywhere on the website feel free to email admissions—colleges keep track of all this; are you sure you don’t want to apply to any Ivies?; look for clubs you might be interested in for your “Why Us?” essays; if you do contact a professor, which you should really do, see if you can go up to campus and meet them; check average SAT scores to see how you compare; do any of the professors seem interesting?; set up a Google alert for the colleges you like; why don’t you email me your email before you send it?; you should try to stay overnight—they have the dates up on their website; do not discuss your college list with anybody in your grade or their parents; go on Naviance and see when the admission officers from colleges are coming in; write it in a word document first then put it in an email; what did you say your three-year GPA was again?; introduce yourself, say you are a rising senior, say this school is your first choice; I’ll email you the course catalogs for the schools you’re interested in when I get home; make sure to be modest; send thank you notes after the admissions people come in to your high school and after all your interviews; have you written your Common App essay yet?;  say I was wondering if it would be possible for me to sit in on your class on–insert day of week, month here; this website is good; always read the mission statement for a college when working on the “Why Us” essay; do you have a few strong safeties?; go to your dean and ask to see a copy of the school’s profile—it’s sent along with your application everywhere you apply; take every opportunity you can to brag about yourself; when people ask where you are applying say that you’re not sure yet; but every conversation eventually turns to the topic of college; your email is well-written but you need to be a lot more positive in it; you’ll be okay—these admissions people are somewhat human in their readings; find a way to include your resume in all your applications; the college application process is like business marketing—being really, really positive does you wonders; do you know about the 1-6 rating system?; let me know if the professor replies; wait, you don’t have a resume?; dress conservatively for all your interviews; the college process doesn’t reward being real; it’s a scary feeling when you click the submit button; if being real is being overly enthusiastic, then it does.